Adolescent Girls

   Poor adolescent girls!  It is just so hard!
   I picked Mary up from school, and she burst into tears when she sat down in the car.  I asked her what was wrong, and she said, “Nothing!”  I had to laugh.  Being 12 is just h.a.r.d.
    Still seeming miserable, I told her, “I’m going to get you a milkshake.  You deserve it!”  She perked up.
    I went and got her one, but I got some for the other kids too, since today is a Feast Day during Lent, and so we get a treat.  She came to the car, picked up the carton of milkshakes, and then promptly FELL TO THE GROUND and spilled the milkshakes all over the side walk!
    POOR GIRL!!!
    She cried again, saying she was just a mess.
    I spent the rest of the evening joking with her, letting her watch a movie, and telling her funny stories.  She was great, and handled it with lots of humor.  And she got a milkshake after all.
    Sweet girl.  These times will pass.  Just gotta love a 12 year old through that time!