A Week of Rest and Play

     This Christmas season has been so restful for me and our family–ahhh!  I love it!
     Our Christmas was the best one I can remember having: the best Mass, the best tree, the best relaxed day of cooking our favorite food.
     Then we drove to new Mexico where we rested for a few days, and then skied for a few days.  In the mountains the air is thin, so you feel tired and want to go to sleep.  So it is like taking a natural sedative–just being at this altitude!  That has been lovely for me, getting eleven or even twelve hours of sleep a night!
     And there is no internet or cell coverage–taking a technology sabbath is such a blessing!
      Jake, Mary and Clare already knew how to ski.  But this year, Ron and Leigh took lessons and are up and running.
     The HIGH POINT for me was teaching Annie how to ski!!  “French fries (skis parallel in order to go)!”  “Pizza (skis wedged in order to stop)!”  The whole bunny slope was repeating that by the time the first day was through!  It was such a blast!  Little Annie, age 3, wore a side pony tail, dark glasses, a hot pink coat, and jeans.  She looked like she was seventeen years old.  She walked around in clunky ski boots like she had been doing it her whole life.  She was begging us to let her ski.  She was so determined–and she was skiiing by herself on the second day!  AMAZING!!!!!!  Best attitude I’ve ever seen.
    In fact, all the kids had miraculously good attitudes, and never complained, even when hungry and when carrying skis to the car was hard.  I was sort of amazed.
     It was also fun skiing with Jake, whom I taught to parallel ski, and skiing with Mary, whom I coached down her first blue slope.  She was so proud of herself and overcame her fear.
     Clare tumbled down that very one, and our little speed demon, whom we have nick-named “Hot Chocolate,” has now learned the importance of control.  So maybe in the future, she can balance her love for speed with some precision in making choices on the slopes.  Boy, is she a cutie.