a paradox

The Career Placement Services at the University of Dallas complain that the students there are not ambitious. “They are too happy,” one administrator said. Apparently, people who are satisfied in their faith and in their intellects do not pursue lots of money, power or repute. It is a paradox: the most content people can be the ones least likely to “succeed.”
As for myself, I know that I, like everyone else, was born with some talents. But I am not the least ambitious in making a name for myself. My greatest work, my greatest contibution, is love. It is not very impressive. But so few wives truly love their husbands; so few children are close to their parents. As for now, I can boast both.
I used to think I was created to write. I like to write, still. But I think the writing of the love story of my life is plenty to produce.
“In the eve of life, we will be judged on love,” said St. John of the Cross. But it sure would be fun to write down what you’ve got to say!