A Mother to the Rescue!

   It was such a joy to visit with Fr. Thomas Esposito last night at the Theology Department Christmas party!  He asked me what I am teaching next semester, and I said, “Epistemology.”  He said, “Wow, how did that happen?”  I explained that my department had forgotten to schedule an epistemology class, but the seminarians need it to graduate.  None of the philosophy faculty wanted to teach it because they had already chosen their courses for next semester.  So two deans decided, “Let’s ask Kathryn Rombs.”
    Fr. Thomas responded: “Of course they did!  See, a mother to the rescue!”

Here is the link to Fr. Thomas’ wonderful new book, which is a compilation of his fictional letters to historical figures such as Audrey Hepburn and Albert Einstein:

He creatively gives thoughtful, Catholic messages to them, helping the reader build up and flesh out his or her Catholic worldview, all in an entertaining read.  A good gift for friends and family members!