A loss and a gain

     Maw Maw’s death is quite a loss.   So, so hard for Ron, the kids, Ronnie Sr., and all of us.
     Her funeral was so beautiful.  Such a powerful wake and funeral.  Many, many people said how taken they were with it.  One friend said, “Now I know why Miss Donna was Catholic!”  A relative said he wanted to become Catholic as a result of the funeral Mass.  It was unquestionably powerful.
     Jake said he would photograph the masses of people, but the pictures do not begin to convey how many were there:

Wonderful friends came, and it was such a joy to receive their love!

My wonderful sister!

My wonderful friend! (Annie calls her “Mama!”)

Donna’s life has only begun to impact us all.  She was all about humility, all about love, all about accepting crosses and finding Jesus within them.  She is a saint, a teacher, and an inspiration.  We love you, Maw Maw!