A Home We Love

 We have made the choice not to sell our house. Even though it is hard to manage from abroad, we know we will eventually move back to the U.S., and that house is the one we want to return to. In the meantime, we will make some repairs and renovations, and then may rent it out again. 

  It would be easy to sell that house. It is a wonderful house and Dallas is experiencing a strong seller’s market. Ron and I are both detached and do not need anything so nice. But I think we would have seller’s remorse. Our family has wonderful memories in that house and we have all lived there. Buying a house that the older kids never lived in would not be the same. We have an era ahead packed with family fun and time together. It is the perfect place for the season that awaits us. 

  This is the fruit of almost 6 weeks in Dallas this summer. Discerning whether to sell or keep, then starting at least 5 renovation projects, finding a property manager (our very own Jacob Rombs) and 2 general contractors plus a variety of companies to work with (irrigation, gutters and beyond). Man oh man! It is no small thing! But I count myself incredibly blessed and thank God for the opportunity to have a home we love.