We were there on Bastille Day–what a birthday for Clare, to be there on that day!!
    I took her and Mary to the parade on the Champs Elysees–what we mothers do for our children (I loathe parades)! 🙂
    The fireworks at the Eiffel Tower were truly amazing to watch, since it was for us a once in a lifetime event!
    We took Clare to the Galleries Lafayette and got her some casual dresses.  It was a BLAST.  She loved it.  Many of us also got parisienne hats and a pair of shoes from street vendors.  That was really fun.  So by the end of the day, Clare was decked out in a hat, dress and shoes!  She was positively adorable!

Who wouldn’t want these as their birthday cake??

A birthday of a lifetime!

Happy birthday, Clare!!!!!!  We love you!!!!!!