The Chinese apparently say that 43 is a dangerous year. I think, on the whole, that is true.
Even at 40, I can see Ron going through life’s changes, and I feel it in myself. But we are choosing our marriage, our family, our future together. We talk about our love and our future. We make plans.
Why he loves me is hard to say. I am just me, after all. He is easy to love–he whistles while washing dishes. Who wouldn’t love a man like that?
We occupy a blessed time and space in the history of each of our families. It is our task to love well and not mess it up.
Perhaps we appear flamboyant to pick up and go to Rome for a season, or to take our family trekking through the snow. But we are keeping our love aflame and our family rich. That is the best anyone can do.
(By the way, we are going to Rome in May.)