This Week’s Rewards

   This week, the girls have no school.  After watching tv and relaxing all weekend, here is their reward system for the rest of the break.
    They need some winter clothes and shoes.  So, they are going to earn each item they buy.  They can earn one item (sweater, pair of boots, etc.) by doing one of the following things.  They control how many things they are going to get to buy!

*read one book
*memorize one poem, five stanzas or longer
*memorize one Bible verse a day
*prayer/Bible reading time 30 min. a day
*exercise 30 minutes a day
*learn a new song on their instrument
*one major art project

   They are ambitious, and I’m excited to see the results.  I have limited screen time to 30 min. a day max.  So, we’ll see if they get moving on some of these undertakings.