grown up virtue flowers

     Since my last post, several comments have been made to me about grown ups doing them!  So my confession: at the time, I couldn’t help myself–I did one with the kids.

     It was the demo.  And anyone can do this.  I pasted a stem and a center (I cut them randomly from construction paper) to the main paper.  Then I cut out petals.  I said to the kids: “What are some of the virtues that I am working on?  What do you hear me apologize for, and say I am working on?”  Mary said, “Always being gentle, even when you are upset!”  I said, “Bingo!  That’s it!  That is one of the things I am really working on right now!”  So I wrote on a petal: “Always gentle.”
     Then I said, “Is there anything that I am already good at?  Not a sport or a hobby, but something that is a virtue?  Something that makes God happy with how I am behaving?”
    Jacob said, “You have good judgment.  You know how to solve problems.”
    “Thanks, Jake!”  I said.  So I wrote that on a petal.
    Then I glued that one on the center.  But I said, “Since I am not yet ‘Always gentle,’ I’ll just tape that one to the bottom here.”  And I did that.
     Clare and Leigh chimed in: “You are good at loving Jesus!  You love Mass!”  They said, “You are compassionate and loving!”  So I wrote those down on more petals and glued them on.
     At that point, we began the children’s flowers.  What was so astounding to me, as I said, is that each person’s glued-on petals were so different, and yet so worthy of rejoicing!  There was a virtual family celebration over each person’s character, and we delighted in the each one.