“How was your casa?”

    Sebastian just began a Montessori program.  They call it “the casa.”  Sebastian has needed phasing in, but he now really loves it.  The first day was 30 minutes, the second day, an hour, and so forth.  This week, he has had three days of the full day, which is 8-11:45am.
    The first morning, he asked, “Mommy, where did you go?”  I said, “I took a walk down the street and back.”
     “Oh,” he replied.  
     The second day, he asked, “Mommy, where did you go this time?”  “To Mass,” I replied.
     “Hmm,” he said.
     The third day, he asked again, “Mommy, where did you go today?”  I said, “To work.”
     He said, “What is your work?”
     I said, “I am a teacher.”
     “Like Ms. Polly [one of his Montessori teachers]?”
     “Sort of,” I replied.
     “Hmm,” he said again.
     Today, he asked, “Mommy, how was YOUR casa?”