Here is wisdom: God saying to our hearts, “I am who am.  You are she who is not,” (Catherine of Siena).
    I think the bedrock of wisdom is knowing that, despite our ego-centric tendencies, and our inclinations to see ourselves at the center of our universes, it is actually God who is the center of the universe, and that we are just a speck on His horizon.
   This insight helps us let go of our hurts, or humiliations.  For, if God’s good is being accomplished, and it is at the expense of the promotion of our egos, then we can still say, “Let it be so!”  We can give our “Amen.”
     If God’s good is beyond our vision, and we cannot see what He is doing, we can remember that His ways are high above our ways, and then we can say, “Let it be so!”  We can give our Amen.
    We cannot be wise without faith in God.  Without this proper displacement of ourselves out of the center of our universes, we fight for our egos, we fight for our comforts, we fight for our self-promotion, and everything is deemed good only insofar as it is fostering these things.  But these things are faulty and worthless, leaving the greater good as a distant afterthought.  We need a faith-based humility to get it right.