I gave my testimony at the women’s retreat I went on last weekend.  I go every year, and for some reason, this year they asked me to give my testimony.
   My testimony was about the power of Christ’s love, the power of the Eucharist: being broken, like Christ, for others.  I linked this “being broken for others” with motherhood.
    At one point, I was telling about plunging a stopped up toilet.  I decided to offer up this experience for a prayer intention, and then God answered the prayer.  In the testimony I said, “Had I been a lawyer, a professor, an author, no law, class presentation or book could have brought that result about.”  I said, “Standing there, covered in poo, was my most powerful option.”
    The crowd, which had been clapping and responding vibrantly until then, broke out into a full-throttle roar.  They clapped so loudly that I threw up my arms in victory.  They cheered louder.
     I got so many comments afterwards, to the effect that this one moment validated their entire experience of choosing motherhood over other illustrious career choices.  It meant so much to me to give them that gift.  I am grateful, so grateful to God that He has refined this message to me: “Motherhood is not just nice; it is POWERFUL.  Don not underestimate its power!”  I love proclaiming this heaven-sent word!