For family prayers last night, several kids asked if we could do a guided meditation.  So I prayed aloud, asking each of us to envision ourselves in the lap of “Abba,” Father.  Then I reflected on the universe He created, enumerating many aspects of it.  Finally I said, “And the same God that made all of that, made you.”  I asked each one to think about who they are, what their talents and hits are, what is special about them.  I said that God made that, very intentionally.  “You are fearfully and wonderfully made,” says the Psalmist.
     Then each one had the chance to ask God to fill them up with one thing they are lacking: patience, kind words, reverence for God, obedience, etc.  They kept that part silent.   Then we silently asked for forgiveness for something we have done wrong.  We closed with thanksgiving for His love for us.
    Most of the kids were in tears by the end of it.  I was not really sure why.  Then little Leigh was truly shaken up, saying through her tears that it was so awful to imagine Jesus dying on the cross for us.  I was touched.  Clearly the Holy Spirit said far more to her than anything I had uttered!
    What I learned last night was how, whatever our efforts are, God is the one who works on our hearts, and if we give Him just a little bit, He can do far more than we imagined!