Offering Up The Flu

   I have had the flu for the past five days.  I kept trying to pray and offer it up.  But I couldn’t really get into it.  Finally, I asked, “Why do we do that, again?  What is the point of it?”
    Suddenly, an image came to mind that I have never had before.  As I pictured Christ carrying his cross, I could imagine all the people before that moment, all the people during that moment, and then all the people after that moment, and their going to heaven or not, all depending on that one moment.  I mean, eternal salvation–that’s a BIG DEAL for any one person.  And imagining that for each and every person who has ever lived.  And realizing that Christ’s passion, death and resurrection made the chance for each of us to go to heaven.  The weight of it floored me.
    So suddenly, lying there with a 103.5 fever that just would not break, glistening in sweat, I thought, “Yes, I join myself to THAT MOMENT.  I join this suffering to that much greater suffering, in the chance that God would see fit to allow it to participate in that work, that divine and saving work.”  I pictured my loved ones, one by one, and asked that God would bring us all to heaven together, to enjoy the divine banquet, the big feast.
    I can’t wait.