New Family Prayers

We have re-invented family prayers.  Ron made a comment a while ago about icons sparking in candle-light.
    So this week I gathered all the icons in the house that have gold in them.  I bought a dozen candles, including one for each child with their initial on it.  After the house is cleaned before bed, we light the candles and turn out the lights.  Truly, the living room glistens.
    We all have a moment of silence, and think of our intentions and our thanksgiving to God.  Each child is invited to see her candle representing those intentions.
     We pray a full Rosary and pray a few words out loud to God.
     Then we discuss anything on the kids’ hearts and minds.  It is truly beautiful.  I love seeing them resting in the arms of God, finding their recovery from the day, not in falling asleep, but in falling into the presence of God.  God is the solution.  God is the answer.  God is Love.  God is our Home.  I love seeing the kids discover and explore that.