Motherhood is a Privilege

     Amid the back to school shuffle, I have been tempted to get exasperated.  So many details–uniforms, school supplies, lunch boxes, parent orientations, carpools–the list goes on.  Last night ended in my tears as I felt that I I would never get to the bottom of my list of things to do for them.
    This morning, I watched the sun come up as I said Morning Prayer with the chant of the Monks of Christ in the Desert playing in the background.  After praising God for our family’s many blessings, my mind turned to all that the day had in store: Jacob’s first day of high school, errands, cooking for school lunches for the following day.  The thought struck me: “What a privilege.  These days of caring for these precious human beings whom God has placed in my life are priceless.  I do not want to miss a moment.”
    Lord, give us mothers the grace to see that caring for our children is the highest vocation we could have.  Though some of the tasks may seem small and trivial, they are in fact the heart of love.  Doing them thoughtfully is one of the primary ways that we send the message to our children that we love them.  Love for our children is divine: it is a participation in the life of the Trinity.  Lord, help us to carry out each task with the poise and awareness that what we are doing is holy, sublime work.  It is the greatest job on earth.