Mary at the Wedding Feast

     The story of Mary at the wedding feast at Cana dumbfounds me.  I still cannot comprehend her overriding her son, and getting away with it.  She says, “Help them with the wine.”  He says, “No.”  She tells the servants, “Do whatever he asks.”  And then he asks them to fill the jars with water, and he turns it into wine.  180 gallons of excellent quality wine.  
     He really defers to her.  He really obeys her.
     As this passage is the Gospel for the week, having been proclaimed at yesterday’s liturgy, I have all week to soak it in and see what God has for me in this Scripture.
     One key fact is that commentators since the early Church have understood the wine to represent salvation.  I am with Mary: “Salvation for everyone!  Salvation for the sick, the dying, the hopeless, the evil persecutors, the confused, the homeless, the hungry, the unborn. . .  Salvation for us all!”