A Mother’s Ash Wednesday Prayer

Dear Jesus,
   Please help me to be renewed, restored and enlivened by the Holy Spirit this Lent.  Please help me to embrace the cross, experiencing it to the fullest, so that I may one day enjoy the Resurrection to the fullest.
    Let me say “Yes” to all of the day’s challenges, each day this Lent: the fevers, the sicknesses, the messes, the tears, the bad behavior, the bad grades, the empty cupboards and the mountains of laundry.
    For the love in my heart of Jesus, for my becoming united to Him, please let me be united to His cross, and see this as a chance for delightful intimacy with Him.
    Please let me be purified of my sins, especially self-pity, anger, and impatience.  Please give me your eyes of faith, and torrents of kindness, patience and peace in moments of trial.  Please help me, despite my recalcitrance, immaturity and pride, to one day become a saint in your kingdom, and let my family and I enjoy heaven together forever.
     In Jesus Name I Pray,