year of respect

     I had a very special person in mind when I chose this year to be a year to work on respect–a woman in my community whom I dealt with in a way that disappointed me.  I thought, “I should be able to respect all people, even if I do not have a natural affection for them.”
     As I have a spiritual goal for each year, this was my year, then, for respect.  And so I have prayed for growth in this area and watched my failures as well as successes.
     By the grace of God, I have just turned a major corner!  I am so grateful–through NO effort on my own, but entirely by the workings of Providence, I was able to establish not only a friendship but a genuine liking for this person.  I am amazed–it is as though God has used this circumstance to reveal to me how malleable and changeable human affections are, and how His power is so sublime over all things human.  I feel like a small child in His perfect care, and I trust Him so fully to make us whom He wants us to be.  To Him, really, is ALL the glory.