What a Triduum!

    The Triduum is the three day period before Easter that, in the Catholic tradition, is treated as one event that lasts three days.  It begins on Holy Thursday with the Washing of the Feet and the Institution of the Eucharist.  But that Mass does not technically end, and it goes into the next day, in which we re-live the Crucifixion.  Then on Saturday night, we enter a bare, dark church, Christ dead and in the tomb.  We read many texts from Genesis onward, about God’s plan, culminating in the Resurrection.  Then we are there to witness the first moment of the Resurrection: the moment when God conquers death: the Triumph over Sin and Death.  The bells ring, the lights fill the church, and we sing loudly.  It is such a joy to be with Christ through these mysteries of His Life, Death and Resurrection.
     Well, we are kicking off this Triduum with extraordinary events.
     First, Mom and Harville were already in town, and they extended their stay through Friday afternoon.  Mom and I had a wonderful time together, enjoying a heart to hear that I will always remember.  I am going through spiritual transformations that she was such a loving witness to.  Meanwhile, she is experiencing such miracles in her life, the presence of Christ in such a palpable way. I am so, so full of joy about this epiphany of Christ in her heart!

    Then, another miracle–PawPaw Ronnie called and announced his plan to visit us and celebrate Easter with us.  Wed. afternoon, we learned he was coming on Thursday!  We have not seen him in almost a year.  He has understandably gone through such a hard year.  It is indescribable to witness his return, and to sit alongside him for Holy Thursday and Good Friday liturgies.  What a joy to be with him again!
    How blessed we are, with such family!