Well, that was quick!

    Bosco is already gone!  His rescuer took him back today.
    Bosco bites, wets, tries to escape, and tears things up.

    I am not sure why this woman put a sign for him on the door of a toy store.  
    THAT was a supreme miscommunication.
    She was saying: “Please, let some sweet children have him.”  But she knew better!  Goodness.
    God saved us from 1) injury and harm, 2) destroyed property, 3) losing the dog by running away months into having him, 4) having to give him away after months of trying to make it work.  It was a blessing that we only had him for 2 days, and with benign ways of learning what his behaviors are, were quick to give him back.
    I am so relieved that we are all safe and that he is back with someone who can handle him!
    What a blessing.