Trauma Recovery

   Little Annie watched a science show yesterday about aye-ayes.  They are very, very ugly.

Understandably, last night, she was crying in bed as she was trying to go to sleep.  “I can’t get aye-ayes out of my mind!!  They are so scary!!”  She shrieked a shrill scream as she described their big eyes, their nasty faces, their long middle fingers, made for scooping up grubs out of trees.  “I’ll never be able to get to sleep!” she cried.
Our family listened and we looked up pictures of aye-ayes and as a family we all agreed that they are as ugly as anything on God’s green earth.  I said, “Hey, why don’t you dress up for Halloween like an aye-aye?”  She stopped her crying, looked at me, and then replied, “That’s a great idea.  I want to be an aye-aye for Halloween.”  I also reminded her that they are not dangerous, but are actually sort of nice.  Just ugly.

I said, “Can you show us how you’ll act out being an aye-aye for Halloween?”  She jumped off my lap and started crawling around, pretending to scoop up grubs.

I promised her that tomorrow we would make her costume.  But now it was time to go to sleep.

All day, she reminded me that today was costume day!  And so it was!  Long middle fingers, big, yellow eyes, pointy teeth, ears, fur and all!!  She is prowling around the house, eating imaginary grubs!