The Suffering Servant

My favorite painting in the Uffizzi in Florence is this Suffering Servant by Sano di Pietro: 

    I have not yet found the words as to why the Suffering Servant means so much to me.  True, it is a balm to have the Son of God draw close when we suffer.  His companionship and empathy are a blessing, especially to those who experience life’s hurts.  Beyond that, I am trying to put into words my wonder and awe that a divine image could ever look like this.  The Son of God being humiliated?  Tortured?  And that being a gift?  Redemptive?  I just do not have a way to express how counter-intuitive this is to me.  
    Even more shocking to me is that some humans–animalistic beings who have struggled so intensely for survival over these hundreds of thousands of years–would find meaning or inspiration in anyone’s weakness or loss.