The Loaves and the Chili Dogs

We had a fantastic day at a waterpark near Kim and Ken’s house. God paved the way and was with us the whole time. At one point, Sebastian needed a life vest, and there happened to be one, just his size, as though accidentally place, right by the entrance to the slide. In another moment, I saw an old man seated in the shade. He seemed like an angel to me. Later I saw him again and he greeted me with a big smile and a wave, as though we were old friends. 

But then there was the miracle of the loaves and fishes–I mean chili dogs. I was buying lunch for our group. It was so costly that I wasn’t buying much. We would all share. Having placed my order, I waited with the others for my name to be called so I could retrieve my food. Well, the guy called “Mike.” Again, he repeated, “Mike.” No Mike answered. A third time the guy said, “Last call for Mike.” I smiled and spoke gently: “If Mike doesn’t come, we’ll take the food. Just don’t throw it out.” The guy chuckled. But a minute later he whispered, “Are you serious? Cause if you are, you can have the food.” I happily took the two huge platters of chili dogs and french fries, and then our own order. We had food to spare! the Lord provides, even in the most unlikely of circumstances!