The Joy of My Life

     I’m a struggler, and normally, I would not describe myself as a typically joyful person.  But joy has finally come in full bloom in my life, and most of it is due to my family.  Our oldest is in high school and has not set off into the world yet.  He is a friend and an inspiration to everyone in this home.  Our youngest has grown out of his worst toddler tantrums and is easier to manage.  I get to spend each day, all day long, with my four daughters as well, whom I get to educate, encourage and enjoy, because they are four of the finest young women I’ve ever met.  Evenings with my husband in the living room picking on the classical guitar and everyone huddled together, talking and laughing, are a dream come true.
     When I was in college, I visited a friend at his home.  Seeing his family shocked me–they all liked each other and wanted to be together.  This family had a great big house, but they never spread out or found their own quiet spaces.  Instead, they were always clustered together in the living room and adjoining kitchen.  It was as though there was a strange gravitational force in that house that kept them from going off on their own.  And they actually seemed to like it.
     That became a life goal: If I ever had a family, I wanted one that liked to be together.  And with homeschooling this year, I can say we are together all the time.  What a test of the goal!  It could be a disaster.  But to my great delight, it is a joy.  The joy of my life.