The House Was Overcome With Joy

     The Feast of the Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth means to me many things, but most of all, it means that what matters most is bearing Christ to others.  Not what you do, not what you accomplish, not what you deliberately try to make happen, but whether you manifest Christ to others, the way these women bore the Son of God and His prophet to one another, is what is the highest.  

St. Francis de Sales on Luke 1:39-56
Indeed, the whole house was overcome with joy; the infant leapt with joy, the father recovered his speech, the mother was filled with the Holy Spirit and received the gift of prophecy. 

     Christian community is bearing God’s tenderness, humility and compassion to one another.  Where would I be without this sort of atmosphere?  An environment filled with joy and the gifts of the Spirit–joy that defies all natural understanding and circumstance.  
     I praise God that He has called me to this sort of life.  He calls others to many things: to fight for justice, to teach the ignorant, to preach to the unbelieving.  But to me, He gave me the calling of bearing Christ in such a way that “the whole house is overcome with joy.”   Hopefully, as I do this work, others throughout the Mystical Body of Christ will be strengthened in theirs.  After all, we are all members of one another, (Eph. 4:25).