The Hole

     There is a hole in our yard, five feet deep, that tunnels three feet back.  It is so big that three grown men can get inside it and keep digging. . .  I have prayed with trust that God would help us repair the problem with minimal price and trouble.

     We have a leak in our pool plumbing.  We’ve had it a year.  We knew it would be expensive to repair, and so we froze up.  It took us a year to face the problem. 
     Then we up and decided: it was time.  So a company came out and found approximately where it was, underneath our concrete.  Then quoted us a small fortune to have it repaired.
    Ron’s response: heck no!  I can do that myself! 
    He hired some guys to dig–a lot.  
    Then Ron’s dad came into town and threw himself into the project.  
     No luck: the company had been wrong about the location.  So we had to decide: do we block these off and run whole new pipes?  
     My prayers kicked in to high gear, as Ron and his dad were making a tough decision.  Ron decided: we keep digging and look for the hole.  
     Result: we found TWO leaks!  We only needed a little more digging (very low cost) and found a second leak, that would not have been repaired if we had rerouted pipes.  That was a HUGE answer to prayer! 
     I know Ron sweated through it, but I sort of glided.  I knew God was wanting to teach me to trust Him.   
     I did (against all odds), and we found the leak we were looking for plus another, all for minimal expense.  
   As we enter Divine Mercy Sunday this Sunday, the message is: “Jesus, I trust in you.”  This message is not for quaint, theoretical whims: this is for multi-thousand dollar projects too!  Thank you, Lord, for turning it into a relatively quick, simple, and inexpensive project.   You ARE trustworthy in ALL things!