The Best Thing

     One great thing about my experience of giving the philosophy talk at UD was that so many of my former students came to see the presentation, and then stayed to visit afterwards.  I taught them over 2 years ago, and so it was unexpectedly delightful that they wanted to attend.  They had such kind words about the presentation as well as the class from several years ago.  They asked me if I was planning to teach again soon, as though that would be a welcome addition.  How delightful!
    But the very best thing about my experience was that my friend Suzannah came.  I am not sure what she did with ALL SEVEN of her children, including a one year old!  I am not sure how she pulled of a birthday party for her 11 year old, just an hour later.  It is like she defied time and space to be there.  She suspended her lack of any connection whatsoever with philosophy to be there.  It was a sign of pure CARITAS that she was there.
     The talk was about COMMUNION, about communion as the natural purpose or “end” of the human person.  Suzannah was living COMMUNION to be there, and that made a world of difference.