I had NO IDEA how easy Thai food is to prepare!
It has been TWO YEARS that Ron has been saying to me that he thinks “we” should get into Thai cooking.  Healthy, lots of vegetables, new and appealing flavors.
For our anniversary, I got 2 cookbooks with Americanized Thai dishes in them, and the promise to start cooking Thai food.  He was thrilled.
Well, today I embarked on my first recipe: Green curry.
Oh my goodness.  So exciting.
Who knew it was SO EASY?????
I had been daunted by all the ingredients I would have to stock up on–mistake.  3 ingredients!  I can handle 3.

Coconut milk, Green curry paste, and fish sauce.

I whisked a little coconut milk with a T. of paste in a large pot.  Then added the rest of the can of milk and the fish sauce (1 T.).  Voila!  That has taken me 2 YEARS!!! 🙂

Then I added: chopped fresh ginger, asparagus tips, chopped carrots, and a chopped squash.  Finally, a package of fresh green beans.

I think the ginger is key, an the asparagus makes it extra special.  But everything else can be whatever you have in the kitchen.  Cabbage would be nice, and snow peas.

I made a pot of basmati rice, and the whole thing took me 15 minutes.  I just sort of can’t believe it.