Clare is so unique!  So far behind in reading, so peculiar in her questions that lack any and all common sense.  🙂
       Her strengths, however, are excellent!
1)  She is fantastic at cursive
2) She is fantastic at baking
3) She is excellent at washing dishes
4) She is fascinated with science–biology
5) She has a tender heart for all animals
6) She loves Bible stories

     Her newest talent, however, appeared today!  I began a Charlotte Mason style grammar book with Mary and Clare.  That means, sitting with them on the couch, reading this book, and discussing it aloud.  They were doing subjects and predicates: filling in missing ones.

    Clare was filling in the most hilarious subjects or predicates!  Mary, Clare and I were laughing to the point of tears.

   “My cousin Kenneth___________” and Clare says, “has a gorilla eye.”
   “My cousin Kenneth __________” and Clare says “has spiky hair.”
   “The white pony __________” and Clare says “has a big bottom.”
   “The poor sailor ___________” and Clare says “broke his deck.”

     She was so quick and funny–perhaps she will be a creative writer!

I love my Clare.  I have never had anything be so rewarding as watching her, after a hard start in her first few years, come to life.