Taking Piano Lessons

    If you can believe it, I am taking piano lessons with the kids.  I love it!
    I took piano for SO MANY years growing up.  But learning to play Beethoven (which I once could do), the teacher does not teach the major chord progressions and how to play regular show tunes, folk music, and Christmas carols.
   So, I am learning to love G, C, F and G7, with which you can play so many songs!
   I also used to play by ear only: I would figure out the music on the page, and then memorize how to play it.  But I was not actually sight reading while playing.
   I am learning to sight read!  It is so much fun!
   I love learning something new.  It is silly for a 40 something year old woman to be working so hard on Jingle Bells, but I love it!  I will be a 45 year old woman who can really play the piano!