Summer Rome Program

     The Summer Rome Program at UD ended exceptionally well.  The students raved about all aspects of it and thoroughly enjoyed their travels throughout Italy and beyond.
     Teaching my class on the Philosophy of the Human Person was a delight.  I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to another semester of it this fall at UD in Irving.
     My family thrived this summer:
     Jake and played lots of tennis, and although he often beat me, I progressed as fast as he did, keeping him ever on his toes.

     Mary made lots of cupcakes from scratch, even making them in the outdoor forno oven one time.  That takes guts!

     Clare had something of a conversion, renewing her Catholic identity and desiring to become a saint.  She has solidified her future vocation as becoming a licensed professional who can help children who have behavior problems.  Her siblings received her new desire to be holy and happy, and new friendships among the siblings are emerging.

    Leigh won the “Best Attitude” award and never had even a single moment of being out of line.  She is chipper, generous, and always willing to work.  Having younger siblings has definitely helped burn off the spoiled youngest child syndrome that youngest children can have.  (What are we going to do about Sebastian??)

     Annie was a delight, constantly entertaining.  While she regressed some this year because of Sebastian coming on the scene and stealing some of her spotlight, and so we are hard at work, correcting that.  But she is responding well, and is always ready to perform, sing, and have a blast.

     Sebastian arrived a baby in arms.  But now he walks, says a few words, eats regular food and milk with the rest of the kids, and sleeps all night (usually).  He was a total delight!

    Here we are at the end of the time in Rome.  I loved my class!

     This cafe is where I finished my preparations each morning before teaching at the Angelicum (Thomas Aquinas’ university).

    What a blessing!!!!