I had so hoped for a prayerful Holy Week.  I had imagined myself in daily Mass, praying over the rich readings, re-aligning myself with God and His purpose for my life.
   Today, as she was taking out the trash, Clare gashed her leg on some broken glass jetting out of the trash bag.  Ron made a quick judgment call that this cut would require stitches.  Without any pomp, he whisked her into the car and off to the emergency care center.  Meanwhile, I managed my concern for her, plus the needs of five other kids and a dog.  Darting around the kitchen, I thought just how far I am from my picture-perfect Holy Week.
    Standing by the car as they were about to take off, I helped Clare decide for whom to offer up this experience.  Then, as the rest of us picked up the dog’s mess in the back yard, we all decided for whom to offer that up.  Then, Ron texted us pictures of Clare’s 9 stitches.  Annie offered her evening up for Clare and her stitches.  What an evening.      
    Ron and Clare came home, Clare limping and donning a large bandage.  Seeing that Clare was fine, we were flooded with relief.  Our family evening was so memorable that I filmed it.  Everyone was brimming over with happiness, and the kids played monkey in the middle, catch, chase, and cracked jokes.  We were happy to be on Easter break, and happy to have our family back together.  Everyone was especially happy that Clare was okay.
   I realized that stitches is my Holy Week.  No, I do not get to be alone in silence in a beautiful chapel before the Blessed Sacrament.  I will have plenty of empty nester years to do that.  Right now, instead of meditating on the wounds of Christ, I am meditating on the wounds of Clare.  Instead of thinking about the jeering crowds at Calvary, I get to think about the rowdy crowd in my living room.  Instead of thinking about the Last Supper, I get to think about the two pounds of pasta I am cooking.  Here I am, absorbed in my family.  That is my tabernacle.  That is where God is.  That is God’s purpose for my life right now.  That is holy–a holy day in a holy week.