On Sunday, Sebastian busted his mouth while wrestling with his siblings. Blood gushed and we saw his lip was partially detached. So, Ron, Jacob and I rushed him to the emergency room here in Frascati. 

Sebastian was so terrified to get stitches that the fear of it was worse than the injury. But in the end, he got a little local anesthesia and two stitches which were just not that big of a deal. 
Two days later, much improved, he was dribbling a basketball and he re-injured his wound. He bled and we applied ice and told him, “No more basketball.” 
Just like the “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” song, he then dribbled the basketball again (when we were not looking), re-injured it again, and this time, he partially detached his lip again. The stitches are still in place, but part of his lip is jutting out in a way it was not before. 
We are not taking him back for more stitches. He is just “ALL BOY” and cannot keep a basketball out of his hands, even when injured. I think this is the second of many, many stitches and trips to the ER!