Spiritual Change

Oh how I am in the throughs of spiritual change.  It has been painful!  But very liberating!  I have come to see some of my failures and sins in a new, more serious way.  Here is the link:

-wanting to have contemplative prayer
-realizing that, for that, I need to be more surrendered to God
-but realizing that I am very independent, in every respect
-asking God what to do about that
-receiving out of “nowhere” (i.e. sudden grace) deep convictions about my sins and failures; simply loving that awareness (another grace); sudden ability to cling to God as though to a life vest (yet a third grace).

I could sit in silence for hours, and cry and laugh and just be so happy that I belong to God.
I sit in homeschool, reading Bible stories to the girls, and I cry right through it.
I am so taken with God!  Suddenly surrendered!