Something Different Around Here

     On my silent retreat last month, I “heard” silence for the first time in ten years.  It was a beautiful sound!  I heard my heart and God’s more clearly.
     In evaluating what needs to change and what should remain the same in my life, I discerned that only one main thing should change: NO MULTI-TASKING.  It is killing my joy, which is trying so hard to be strong and plentiful!
     So I have re-arranged my homeschool day:
-an hour for prayer and exercise
-an hour for housework, including putting dinner together
-three hours for homeschooling
-50 minutes for lunch (eaten together in silence, listening to classical music)
-10 minutes for closing my eyes and doing NOTHING
-three more hours for homeschooling
-10 minutes for closing my eyes and doing NOTHING
-50 minutes for business, phone calls and email
-one hour for housework
-one hour for dinner and clean up
-on hour for family music lessons and reading together in the library
-family prayers

Sundays, NO Cleaning, NO Cooking, NO Computer

     My favorite part about having implemented this plan is how much I have to deny myself!  I get so tickled that I “cannot” rotate the laundry while I am teaching math to someone, or that I “cannot” check my email until after school.  It is a strange feeling, to break the double-tasking experience, and I feel intense relief that I am just going to be where I am, when I am there!

     I LOVE IT!!