So sweet!

     Annie is SO SWEET–she has just flown over the most recent developmental hurdle with such grace!
 –She can say at least 100 words
–She asks nicely for what she wants, like “Bottle (“bottu”)!” or “Book!”
–She goes to sleep without being rocked (I can’t believe it!)
–She does not gravitate to me so much; she walks right past me to go play with a sibling or a toy 🙂
–She can stay with a babysitter; Mary puts her down to sleep
–She can write her letters (scribble version) or color while the other kids are homeschooling

So this means that I can:
–go out on a date with Ron until morning
–homeschool in peace
–carry about my daily chores without much fuss
–put her down by just sitting and having some quiet time
–ask her what she wants, and get an answer

AMAZING!!!!!!  An overnight transformation!  One month ago, not ONE of these was true!
Annie, I LOVE you, and can’t wait till we can talk about these precious days some day.
God be with you and bless you!