Sleeping Through the Night

   Little Sebastian is old enough to be sleeping through the night—and he is no where near it!  He would start out in his crib, but wind up in our bed, and nurse off and on, all night.  I called it “an all night, all you can eat buffet.” 🙁
   So, Ron and I have begun an all-out effort to train Sebastian to become a great, night sleeper.
   First, we started with Ron going in, instead of me, so that Sebastian can’t nurse.  Ron takes all shifts until 3 AM.  Poor Ron!
   Then, I take all shifts from 3 AM on.  The next shift, I nurse him one time.  Then, I take any other shifts, and rock him and get him back into his crib.  
   The first night, we were up every other hour!  He was upset.
   But the next night, he did much better.  I brought him into the bed at 3:30.  Now, about 5 nights later, he only awoke 2 times, and he was easy to get back in his crib.
   He is officially out of our bed.  That’s a major plus!  He’s down to one feeding.  Another plus!
   So now, we just need to wean him off those two wakings, and we-re done!