It all just happened.  One night last week, I decided not to go get Sebastian when I heard him crying.  So many people had advised me to just let him cry himself back to sleep.  But I couldn’t do that, with him waking so many times, I thought.
    But this one night, I did.  And I was awake the whole time, and I listened to him taper off, and the go back to sleep.  That was the only time he awoke all night.  I was elated.
    Well, Ron and I made a pact to build on that night.  So each night since then, we hear him wake up, and cry a bit.  But he is not hysterical.  Just calling out for us.  Then he puts himself back to sleep.  Once a night, each night.
   Last night, for the first time EVER in his almost nine months, he did not wake up!  He cried at 7 AM, as though to say, “Good morning!”