Six Months Old!

I cannot believe that Sebastian Peter is SIX MONTHS OLD!!  Happy Birthday, Sebastian!
This time of his life is so precious.  It is passing so fast.  I know that soon, he will grow out of his little blue sleepers that used to be Jake’s.  They will never be worn again!  I just can’t believe how fleeting this time is.  I sort of want to cry.
     I am tired, and this six months has certainly worn me down.  He has a double ear infection, and is on his second round of antibiotics.  He has been up in the night with fevers.  My back is sore, my neck is out.  But wow, what a blessing!  I would not wish this time to go one bit faster.
    This time period is, in a beautiful way, like the cross: it is challenging, and it bears losses for me, but it is MORE than worth it. It is a life-giving sacrifice.  His little life is going to become a huge and wonderful reality.  I cannot wait to get a hug, one day, from my six-foot-tall basketball player!  I cannot wait to hear him call me “Mom.”  I cannot wait to find out what he likes, what he dislikes, what makes him tick.  For the rest of his life, as he is out exploring the world and engaging in his community, I will think back fondly on this time, spending all day with him, smiling at him, interacting with his sweet self, and having him nestle sweetly in my arms.  Oh how I love him!