Sebastian’s Big Day

   I knew he was ready–Sebastian was getting so frustrated, hating to see his siblings go off to school, and leaving him without playmates.  So I prayed, “Lord, help us find a good place for him!”
   Tuesday, Sebastian threw a fit in Mass and I thought, “He needs stimulation!  He needs playmates!” So I got in the car with him, googled the Mothers Day Out program a friend had told me about, and sure enough, it started at 9 am–in 20 minutes!  So I drove there, walked in, and they said they could take him.  I signed papers, and he was in.
   I said, “This is school, with teachers, children, and toys and games.  No moms.”  He faced the classroom.  The teacher said, “Come on in!”  She took his hand.  He bravely walked forward.  He never looked back.  He did not cry at all.  He stayed and played all day!
   He went on Thursday again.  Coming home, he said, “Babies like me.”  He patted his chest.  Then he said, “Girls like me.”
   I thought, It has already begun!
   How happy I am for him!!  He needs these challenges and opportunities!