San Francisco with Leah

   Mary, Clare, Leigh and I had a great visit to San Francisco to visit my sister Leah!  I had been wanting to visit her for the longest time to see her new hometown.  She suggested that I come last weekend, when she was throwing a ball!  That’s right!  A ball!  So three of my girls and I went up for the festivities.
    We not only had a wonderful time at the party, but the whole weekend!   We saw the Golden Gate Bridge and the beach; we wound up in a pro-life march, and even a bit of another march that included Black Lives Matter!
    What a blast!  San Francisco is such a vibrant, active place.  We loved it.  Even more, of course, is how much we love LEAH.  What a wonderful sister she is to me.  What a wonderful person she is–a compassionate but fierce advocate of justice for all.  God bless Leah!!!!