Roman Pizza

Roman Pizza

 Kathryn : Since you are gifted at making authentic Roman pizza, can you tell me if this recipe looks okay? 

Alessandra: Well, I suggest you use fresh yeast, not the dried granules. 

Kathryn: What is that and where do you find it? 

Alessandra: [Sends photos of fresh yeast packaging]

After a trip around the grocery store with a store employee, I found fresh yeast in the refrigerated section. My daughter-chef Annie and I googled the conversion rate (triple the amount if it is fresh rather than dried). Annie made the dough and then we left it to rise in the fridge for 2 days. It was as soft as butter when we took it out of the bowl! Sebastian did the rolling and Annie and I did the toppings. Truly delicious. 

Alessandra Morello works in the business office at the University of Dallas. She is the beautiful mother of two adorable boys. 

Thank you Ale!