Returning Home

Jacob, Leigh, Annie and I traveled for 18 hours to get home–we all stayed awake the entire time with the help of a little caffeine!  Annie on caffeine is sort of funny. 🙂

But we came home to a house with no power, so we stayed in a hotel.  That was fun too!

     The next day was a good one despite our car breaking down and needing to call AAA.  I think the challenges were God’s way of showing me how strong I am, and how, even at 8 months pregnant, I can do what I need to do, even with our family in two parts! 
     Ron is still in Italy, with Clare and Mary, finishing the Summer Rome Program.  It is for the sake of Ron keeping his role as director for future summers, and that seems worth it.  But goodness, it is a little unnatural to be separated for a month, at the end of a pregnancy!  So I have asked God, “Can I do this?”  I think He showed me right away just how well I could, and that there is nothing to be concerned about.  Hooray!