Reflections on “La La Land”

   Ron and I saw La La Land.  Fascinating movie.  I really enjoyed it.  So artistically done.  So daring and original.  I loved that.
   My big take away was that, while I loved seeing the two main characters be so supportive of each other’s careers as artists, my experience is that motherhood IS my art.  Being a mom and raising a family is that into which I am throwing all of my creative expression, talent, and any giftedness I have.  Many people do what is shown in this movie: set up a family, but go out of the home to be a real artist or success.  But for me, family is where I am called to be the real success in my life.
     May God bless our home, and all homes and families, and may mothers and fathers see their homes as the canvases onto which to pour their best, creative expression.