Red Shoes

   Mary’s Confirmation preparation was a huge success.
   First, I had Mary’s group of friends over weekly, and led their preparation for the sacrament.  That was a huge commitment of time, prayer and energy.
   Second, Mary’s Confirmation was what it was supposed to be: her entry into Christian adulthood.  She completely understood that the gifts of the Spirit are for the purpose of evangelism, and for building up the Body of Christ.  She is equipped now for that purpose, and feels ready for that.
    Third–well, its all about the clothes and shoes!  Her Aunt Kimmy bought her a GREAT champagne colored silk dress–it is a knock out dress!  Then, I got her shoes.  Mary always loved red shoes.  From the time she was a baby, she loved red shoes.  As a toddler, she wore red cowgirl boots.  I knew the day would come in which she would want red high heels. Well, I decided that Confirmation was the time for her first red heels.  I wanted her to get her first “grown up shoes,” NOT for a boy, not for a prom, not for a dance, not for her sweet sixteen, but for JESUS.  And so it happened.  We bought these great red heels, and they are a symbol of her adult life, which is marked by Christ.  So now, when she DOES go to a dance or a prom, and wears her red shoes, they are her Jesus shoes.  That makes me extra happy.

 Mary and her Dad!

 Jennifer and Abby–Sponsor and close friend!!

Mary and Granny!

Photo bomb!

Mary and Aunt June!

 Jennifer, Mary’s sponsor, wrote this icon of St. Therese for Mary!  Amazing!!!