Annie is now sleeping–thank you, Lord!  She is sweet and delightful instead of constantly irritated–thank you, Lord!  I have slept so hard these past nights that I am more like a walking zombie most days, and then I crash back to sleep.
     Boy, is Annie cute.  She says, “This! This!”  And she says, “Mama!  Daddy!  Baby!” and “Hot?”  She shakes her head “No,” and nods her head “Yes,” and she can imitate most short words: colors, parts of the body, etc.  She can also point to most parts of her body.  She loves to dance, and her favorite is the Laurie Berkner Band.  She loves time outside, and is a mega-explorer: bugs, rocks, water, leaves–you name it.
     Two weeks of Annie being well, I began getting tired of being tired!  I felt the need to be rebounding.  I had been exercising pretty hard, but feeling horrible.  So in a hasty moment, I decided to do a juice fast.  I was shooting for just 2 days.  But it went so well that I did another, and decided to shoot for 10.  So here I go!  I’m on day 4 and feeling great!  14 is my absolute ideal, but I am not resting at a Martha’s Vineyard retreat.  I am homeschooling and caring for 5 little children.  So we’ll see what I can do!
    I wonder if it shouldn’t be standard practice to do a fast after having a baby and nursing.  The body needs to reboot and revitalize.  Some cultures do this customarily.  I think there is much wisdom to that!