Quel Semestre!

   What a semester!  I taught Epistemology to 21 seminarians, who are juniors and seniors at University of Dallas/Holy Trinity Seminary.  We had quite a journey together, from Parmenides to Plato to Aristotle to Aquinas to Descartes, Hume and Kant.  The main purpose of the course was to defend realism against the skepticism of the modern philosophers.  Skepticism leads to every sort of relativism. . . so it seems worth taking a stand.
     I enjoyed teaching the material more than I can say.  But the unintended consequence of the semester was. . . I am so fond of these young men!  I can say with confidence that I have hope in the future of our Church.  These are wonderful, smart, kind, funny, and lovable human beings.   God bless each one of them!