preparing for death

     Today Ron spoke with his parents at great length about his Mom’s wishes for her hospice care, her death and her funeral.  I was there for a small portion of the time.  I had discussed it with Ron at some length, but never had all four of us talked together so directly.
     Donna was the person who wanted to discuss it the most.  Ron did her a great favor by bringing it up with both of them in the same room, and taking it head on.
     My greatest hopes for her are coming true–that she would be at peace with God and her loved ones.
     My greatest concern for her now is that the practical issues are decided very soon, so as to mitigate the chance of family ruptures when she declines and passes away.  Tensions are always a possibility, but good organization and thoughtfulness in advance will be a good preventative measure.  While tensions are a possibility, so is growth and unity.
     Ron’s heart is so pure, and so full of the holiest grief I have ever seen.  What a sacred time, walking through this with him.